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Who was Mitchell?
Lynn Boal Mitchell was a UNM classics professor from 1912 to 1950. Professor Mitchell also served as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences from 1914 to 1928.

Dane Smith Hall is a high priority building with 30 classrooms selected for technology enhancements and minor aesthetic improvements.

Ortega Hall is a high priority building with 14 classrooms selected for technology enhancements and minor aesthetic improvements.

Sara Reynolds Hall has three high priority classrooms selected for technology enhancements.

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Mitchell Hall remodel complete

mitchell hall imageMitchell Hall, one of the oldest classroom buildings on campus has been thoroughly modernized and re-opened Spring Semester 2010.

The 50-year-old classroom building has been transformed into a modern general classroom facility and is serving as the flagship for modernizing classrooms on the UNM campus.

Mitchell Hall modernization highlights:

  • An Outtakes deli, serving food and drinks throughout the day, and a comfortable seating area inside
  • An outside patio area
  • Wireless internet coverage, ceiling-mounted digital projectors, and motorized projector screens in every classroom
  • Walk-up e-mail stations
  • Informal small seating areas thoughout the building
  • Energy efficient windows and window coverings
  • Significant upgrades to heating, cooling and ventalation systems
  • New instructor and student furnishings
  • Upgraded restrooms

Mithell Hall 1951

Classroom Modernization

President Schmidly's vision for UNM sets forth a number of goals for improving the physical environment in areas that are significantly deficient in meeting 21st century standards for students and faculty. As a result, $12.5 million was allocated for classroom modernization, with particular focus on the classrooms in which the majority of freshmen and sophomores classes are scheduled.

A task force with representatives from the offices of Planning & Campus Development, Provost, Support for Effective Teaching, Registrar, Chief Information Officer, Media Technology Services, Capital Projects, the Physical Plant and undergraduate and graduate student leadership spent several months evaluating the issues and made two major recommendations, one for classroom modernization expenditures, and a second recommendation ensuring that classroom modernization progress is sustained and funded in an on-going way.