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Who was Mitchell?
Lynn Boal Mitchell was a UNM classics professor from 1912 to 1950. Professor Mitchell also served as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences from 1914 to 1928.

Dane Smith Hall is a high priority building with 30 classrooms selected for technology enhancements and minor aesthetic improvements.

Ortega Hall is a high priority building with 14 classrooms selected for technology enhancements and minor aesthetic improvements.

Sara Reynolds Hall has three high priority classrooms selected for technology enhancements.

Office of the CIO

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Charge For The Learning Environments Committee

The UNM Learning Environments Committee will be the central facilitating and coordinating body for the implementation, review, and maintenance of the Classroom Modernization workplan. The Committees members represent many of UNM’s constituencies. The purpose of the diverse membership is to provide multiple perspectives that cumulatively bring a “university-wide” outlook to the issues at hand. The specific charge to the Committee to achieve this includes the following:

  1. In consultation with the Provost, the Committee will establish a workplan and time-line for executing the following:
    • Implement the Classroom Modernization recommendations for expenditure of $12.5M
    • Develop and sustain a campus communication plan
    • Complete and make recommendations on how to support a Classroom Support Services Business Plan
    • Design, implement and support learning space standards for furniture finishes, fixtures, and technology
    • Establish classroom utilization metrics and analyze and document current classroom utilization trends
    • Support the Provost’s Scheduling Initiative & identify other policy issues that need to be addressed to ensure proper utilization of this critical UNM asset
    • Provide recommendations for prioritizing classrooms for future phases and funding of our classroom modernization efforts & develop a proposal to the administration on an ongoing Classroom Modernization Program
    • Evaluate classrooms for supporting teaching effectiveness
  2. For many of the items two or more organizations will be involved in execution. The role of the Learning Environments Committee will be to facilitate the cooperation and coordination among the relevant organizations.
  3. The organizations assigned to execute tactics will be responsible for producing progress reports. The Learning Environments Committee will periodically review those progress reports and make appropriate recommendations.
  4. The Learning Environments Committee will initiate an intensive review to revisit the plan after an appropriate period of time.